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Sweetened Condensed milk


Condensed milk may be defined as cow's milk from which water has been removed and sugar may or may not be added. The sweetened condensed milk has sugar added in it, whereas unsweetened does not consist of sugar. It is cream to pale yellow colored thick liquid, which can be spooned or poured to remove from the tin. It is prepared in this manner:
" Raw milk is clarified and standardized
" It is then heated up to 85- 90' C, which destroys some microbes, inhibits fat separation and oxidation.
" The evaporated water is removed
" Sugar is added to 45 % concentrate
" The evaporated milk is cooled and vacuum packaging or tinning is carried out.
Another type of condensed milk is the unsweetened Condensed milk, which is also known as Evaporated milk. Unsweetened condensed milk is without sugar and it homogenized and sterilized

How to Select

Condensed Milk is easily available in all the food stores and grocery shops in sealed tin form. The most common brand available is "Nestlé's Milkmaid", which prepares it from fresh Australian milk. Other companies offering it include Northern foods, Arla Foods. Check the date of manufacture, even though it has a good shelf life unless opened. Sweetened condensed milk is available in tooth-tube packing, wherein a tube is stuffed with the same condensed milk which you get in tinned form.
There are many exporters for unsweetened condensed milk. It may also be labeled as Evaporated milk. It is not very easy to find it in Indian market.

Culinary Uses

Sweetened condensed milk has rich sweet flavor and is used widely in recipes for deserts and confectionaries.
" Delicious chocolate rolls can be prepared on any occasion to party. Beat Condensed milk with refined wheat flour or Maida, add sugar. Now add powdered Marie biscuits and made into tight dough. Now roll out the dough into small pieces and make into any forms or shapes. Can decorate using gems as a topping.
" It is commonly used as a topping on top of a chocolate.
" It can be beaten with sugar and butter and baked to make candies.
" You can use it for making coconut laddoos, kheer, condensed milk fudge, etc.
" Prepare tasty eggless cake by using sweetened condensed milk instead of beaten egg.
" Condensed milk can be used as a salad dressing over fruit salad.
" It can be used to prepare various milk preparations such as Milk Toffee, milk kisses, milk sweets, milk ice creams.
" To improve the palatability, taste and appearance, it can be topped on strawberry with cream and be called as strawberry smoothie.
" Unsweetened condensed milk can be used in low calorie recipes, or for such sweets which are meant for diabetics using artificial sweeteners. Recipes such as low fat Thai coconut curry uses sauce prepared using evaporated milk.

How to Store

The sealed can or the tin can be stored under refrigeration for several months. Try using it up as early as possible once the seal is opened. It is safe to leave it in the tin itself or it can also be emptied in some other container, provided it is dry. It is recommended to cover the can tightly may be with an inverted cup and store under refrigeration temperature.

Health Benefits

" Condensed milk is truly a health food as it contains all the essential nutrients namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates required for all age groups. It can be considered as an energy bar.
" Milk is a healthy and complete food that is widely considered a balanced diet. Its health benefits include good bone health, great skin, prevention of illnesses and goo immune system.
" Vitamins A and D are the fat soluble vitamins present in good proportion and play important role in vision and skin pigmentation.
" Presence of calcium helps in formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, especially in growing children. If a child's diet is low in fats or if the child is malnourished, condensed milk can be added to various recipes to improve nutrition. Also it is liked by children.
" Other nutrients present in condensed milk include potassium for proper nerve function, magnesium for muscular function and phosphorus for energy metabolism.

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