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Breakfast Recipes-Hindi

No of recipes : 43
No of images : 18
Pages : 104

ISBN: 1234567891234

Aptly named, breakfast is the morning meal that ‘breaks’ the ‘fast’ that a person undergoes while asleep at night. The body receives no food for fuel during the night hours and when we wake up in the morning we need a good breakfast to jump start the metabolism and prepare us for the day. A good, ....

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Calcium Rich Recipes-Hindi

Pages : 102
Recipes : 36
Pages in Colour : 12

ISBN: 978-81-89491-03-1

“Calcium-Rich Recipes” is a collection of 36 recipes compiled using calcium-rich ingredients like dairy products, leafy vegetables, nuts and pulses. To give a clearer idea about what a lack of calcium can mean to our bodies, I have included a section on ‘Calcium Deficiency’ that covers the basic fac ....

Price Rs.99/-  | Weight: 130gms
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Chaat - Hindi

No. of Pages : 116
No. of Recipes : 72
Pages in colour : 8

ISBN: 978-81-86469-74-3

Chaat …every Indian is familiar with this word and has tasted chaat in some form or the other! And everyone has tangy tasty memories of the street or locality where they have eaten the most delectable panipuri or pav bhaji.
This book is a collection of 72 recipes. It is a carefully prepared com ....

Price Rs.250/-  | Weight: 260gms
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Pages : 102
Recipes : 39
Pages in Colour : 9

ISBN: 978-81-89491-15-4

The simplicity and ease of cooking with rice has made this grain a staple food for more than half the globe.

CHAWAL comprises of my favourite pulaos, biryanis, khichadis , some all-time favourite rice dishes from around the globe and a couple of desserts. I have also given a recipe on how ....

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Chinese Vyanjan (Hindi)

Pages : 72
Recipes : 48
Pages in Colour : 8
ISBN: 978-81-86469-07-1

Chinese cuisine is the most popular cuisine worldwide.
For those who love Chinese and are vegetarian, this book provides you with all the information you'll want to know about cooking delicious Chinese food, using ingenious cooking methods.
Several recipes have been adapted keeping in mind t ....

Price Rs.189/-  | Weight: 345gms
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Cooking Under 10 Minutes-Hindi

Pages in colour:8
ISBN: 978-81-86469-59-0

In today's age of nuclear households and fast-paced living, nobody seems to have the time to cook. Keeping this in mind, we have included a lot of recipes in this book which can be cooked in a jiffy.
Now, no matter how short you are on time, this book will let you enjoy the pleasures of home - ....

Price Rs.99/-  | Weight: 140gms
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Cooking with 1 Teaspoon of Oil-Hindi

Recipes : 78
No. of pages : 160
Pages in colour : 8

ISBN: 978-81-89491-10-9

Cooking with 1 teaspoon of oil bids a firm and cheerful goodbye to the widely held notion that delicious Indian food must contain oodles of oil, ghee and butter. It eliminates fat from your daily food and all the recipes in this book that serves 4 portions can be cooked using 1 teaspoon of oil, whil ....

Price Rs.250/-  | Weight: 300gms
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Pages : 104
Recipes : 41
Pages in Colour : 8

ISBN: 978-81-89491-16-1

Dal has a special place on dinning tables across India, so much so that no traditional Indian meal would seem complete without it. From humble beginnings of just a pot of pulses simmering on firewood, dal has evolved into a variety of forms as diverse in taste as the mild Maharashtrian varan
to ....

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Delicious Diabetic Recipes-Hindi

No. of pages : 160
Recipes : 75
Pages in colour : 8
ISBN: 978-81-89491-59-8

Delicious Diabetic Recipes gives easy to follow information on some basic facts about diabetes as well as diabetic diet. It is a collection of meticulously planned recipes from different cuisines like Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese and Mexican to add more variety to our meals. So, the next ti ....

Price Rs.299/-  | Weight: 300gms
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Desi Khana - Hindi

Pages : 126
Recipes : 115
Pages in Colour : 8
ISBN: 978-81-86469-09-5

Classic Indian recipes that you've always wanted to try, are listed in simple, easy to follow steps.
Starting with appetizers to vegetables, dals, rice dishes, snacks and mouth watering muthias.

Recipes included are -
Tomato Shorba
Khatti Meethi Fruit Chutney
Onion Rotis
Spicy Urad Dal Puris
Malabari Curry
Paneer Makhani
Spicy Kofta Kadhi
Corn Pulao
Malai Pedas
Mango Vanilla Barfi
Pistachio Baskets

Price Rs.250/-  | Weight: 469gms
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