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Jain International-Gujarati

Pages : 104
Recipes : 41
Pages in colour: 8
ISBN: 9788189491659

Here is a book dedicated to all Jain cooking enthusiasts who often face problems while converting their favourite International recipes as per the Jain standards.

Jain cooking enthusiasts often have trouble converting their favourite International recipes, in conformance with the Jain princ ....

Price Rs.89/-  | Weight: 130gms
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Joys Of Vegetarian Cooking

Pages :168
Recipes : 229
Pages in Colour : 8

Published in 1983, this book is a collection of over 200 recipes. Both Indian and continental recipes are featured along with a section on Dieter's menu and Tabletop cookery. It has a large selection of baked goodies like cakes, cookies, pies and also frozen desserts eg. ice-creams.

Recipes included are:
Hawaiian Punch
Melba Toast
Bombay Curry Soup
Waldorf Salad
American Chopsuey
Navaratna Curry
Ice creams
Cakes & Pastries

Price Rs.195/-  | Weight: 510gms
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Kadhai and Tava Cooking Delights

No of pages : 80
No of recipes : 48
No of images : 18

ISBN: 978-93-80392-25-7

Ask a housewife what she cannot do without in the kitchen and she would name the tava and the kadhai instantaneously! Be it roti, dosa, upma or subzi , most Indian recipes call for these two common and important utensils to complete the job quickly and easily. However, this awesome twosome is handy ....

Price Rs.325/-  | Weight: 450gms
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Kam Calorie Paushtik Aahaar (Hindi)

Pages : 148
Recipes : 138
Pages in Colour : 16
ISBN: 81-86469-63-X

This is a first attempt by an Indian author to analyse the nutritional value of Indian food.

It also provides information on healthy eating habits. Each recipe is low in calories, yet delicious.

The nutritional content of each recipe is tabulated along with its calorific value.

Price Rs.209/-  | Weight: 290gms
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Kebabs and Tikkis

Pages: 96 (all colour)
Recipes: 61
No. of recipe pictures: 42

ISBN: 978-81-89491-77-2

I love entertaining and having parties, like most of you. And when I talk to fellow-hosts, I find that they are almost always worried about what snacks to serve – the main course and desserts are easier to finalise! It so happens that after much thought they usually settle for common, tried-and-test ....

Price Rs.299/-  | Weight: 500gms
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Know your Dals and Pulses

Pages : 96
Recipes : 30
Pages in Colour : 96
ISBN: 978-81-89491-75-8

Gone are the days when dals and pulses were considered as a poor man’s diet! Today, they have become not just trendy but core to Indian cuisine. Much of the newfound excitement with regard to vegetarian cooking is fuelled by the imaginative use of dals. The simple, highly nutritious and comforting d ....

Price Rs.125/-  | Weight: 130gms
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Know Your Flours

Pages : 104
Recipes : 37
Pages in Colour : 104

ISBN: 978-81-89491-89-5

Flours are very commonly used in our kitchen in our day-to-day cooking, whether for making rotis, pakodas, or thickening kadhis. It is indeed a very versatile ingredient, which one cannot do without.

More so, nowadays, due to long working hours and oodles of stress, it has become extremely ....

Price Rs.89/-  | Weight: 130gms
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Know your Green Leafy Vegetables

Pages: 104
Recipes: 30
Images: 30
Pages in Colour: 104

ISBN: 9788189491970

No amount of capsules or tonics can ever be as effective as a regular intake of fresh green vegetables, in keeping your body and mind in ship-shape! That doesn’t really mean a bowl of drab greens staring at you during lunchtime every day. Surprise, surprise… you can turn these seemingly boring leafy ....

Price Rs.125/-  | Weight: 150gms
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Know Your Spices

Pages: 104
Recipes: 30
Images: 30
Pages in Colour: 104

ISBN: 9788189491871

Spices are a typical example of being small and powerful – tiny amounts of spices can be potent enough to change the whole characteristic of a dish! No wonder experienced cooks can judge a dish just by catching whiffs of the aroma emanating from it, and tracing the key spices through it.


Price Rs.139/-  | Weight: 130gms
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Pages: 104
Recipes: 47
Pages in colour: 10

ISBN: 978-8-189491-52-9

Middle eastern cooking is more famous for its meat cuisine hence it comes as a surprise that Lebanese is one of the cuisine from this region that boasts of most popular vegetarian dishes. The invigorating food of Lebanon is a great combination of health and pleasure.

Lebanese cuisine uses a ....

Price Rs.109/-  | Weight: 130gms
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